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“Can I Kayak, Daddy?”  portrays a young girl, Bonny, with Down Syndrome, anxiously waiting to grow up so she can learn to kayak. While she waits, her daddy teaches her about kayaking. Bonny, mommy and her brother have mini-adventures discovering sea creatures and wildlife in Southeast Alaska. After the big day arrives, Bonny’s world opens up to more fun adventures.

Can I Kayak Daddy?, is a wonderful story about the patience and growth of a young Alaskan with Down Syndrome who wants to join her family in kayaking adventures. The support of her family is shown through their various outings and how they prepare her for when she is ‘older and knows more about kayaking.’  This is a book for any young reader to learn that waiting to get older can be fun too.”                                                                         Gene Gross, Vice President, Alaska Chapter, National Down Syndrome Congress

Bonny is a woman now, but I knew her when she lived in the house on the beach in Southeast Alaska and her daddy kayaked to work. In this family-friendly story based on her life, you’ll get to know Bonny, a child with Down Syndrome, and her encouraging, supportive family. Bonny dreams of being big enough to kayak with her daddy, and the reader anticipates that moment along with her.  Can I Kayak, Daddy? will inspire readers to look forward to achieving their dreams.”                                                                                 —Carolyn Short, Instructor, Institute of Children’s Literature

I think this story could be about my family.  I enjoyed it!”                                                    —Bess Clark, Parent of a son with special needs